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Refractory Services

From design and manufacture to installation and repair, our professional staff and engineers can take care of it all for you from beginning to end.
Gemcast Refractory Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Gemcast employs the use of the latest in 3D modelling software to generate refractory solutions for your application. Our expert team combines a mixture of experience and fresh thinking approach to provide the best engineering design at the most cost effective price.

Gemcast Refractory Product Kitting

Product Kitting

Providing a full range of refractory products, and possessing the technology to cut and cast shapes of any dimension, Gemcast can provide bespoke boxed ‘kits’. This has enabled many of our customers to efficiently save time and money by not only reducing inventory levels, but also by removing the requirement to source similar materials from multiple suppliers.

Gemcast Refractory Repair Services

Repair Services

Downtimes can be expensive, so our certified masons are available day or night, 365 days a year to reduce this impact. We offer a full range of on-site repairs and/or installation, so whether your product be modules, blanket, monolithic or brick - we can help.

Gemcast Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Have an idea or problem? Our team of engineers and industry experts can work with you to provide a solution which meets your needs. Over the past twenty years, Gemcast has built an impressive history of providing niche and occasionally novel ways of resolving a wide range of refractory custom requirements.

Gemcast Steady State Heat Flow Analysis

Steady State Heat Flow Analysis

Utilizing Thermal Ceramics software, we are able to provide a heat flow analysis of your application and determine the best and most cost effective product to suit. Through this we are also able to investigate and provide answers to any potential refractory issues you may be experiencing.

"Partnerships create new refractory solutions."