About Gemcast

Dedicated Team of Professionals

Our History

Beginning with a simple customer appeal; “to partner with a company to innovate refractory solutions to meet lean manufacturing needs”, over 18 years ago a dedicated team of professionals took this request and formed GEMCAST. From then on, the team has worked tirelessly, growing and evolving the company, providing original and novel approaches to assist customers.

Since then, today, Gemcast has now become a market leader in refractory solutions and continues to provide and support innovative concepts for the industry.

Our Approach

The Gemcast team partners closely with our clients, taking the time to understand all specific operations and needs. This unique attentiveness enables us to provide solutions that can be delivered both on time and within budget to suit any customer's unique process requirements.

Design & Engineering

Gemcast employs the use of the latest 3D modelling software to generate refractory solutions for your application. Our expert team combines a mixture of experience and fresh thinking approach to provide the best engineering design, whilst also meeting your budgetary needs.

Product Kitting

Providing a full range of refractory products, and possessing the technology to cut and cast shapes of any dimension, Gemcast can provide bespoke boxed ‘kits’. This has enabled many of our customers to efficiently save time and money by not only reducing inventory levels, but also by removing the requirement to source similar materials from multiple suppliers.

Repair & Installation Services

Down times can be expensive, so our certified masons are available day or night, 365 days a year to reduce this impact. We offer a full range of on-site repairs and/or installation, so whether your product be module, blanket or brick - we can help.


SQFT Facility

Years in Operation

Companies we have Partnered with

  • Allied Mineral Products
  • Morgan Thermal Ceramics

"Partnerships create new refractory solutions."